July 25-26


    Event Coordinator: Ted Miljevich - chaselduce@aol.com, (650) 969-6569

   Welcome to “Civil War Days at Duncans Mills”! Sponsored by the Casini Ranch Family Campground and the California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS), this event is one of the finest in Northern California. With the hamlet of Duncans Mills situated along the beautiful Russian River resort area, many reenactors make this event an annual outing combining reenacting with some great vacation time. Reenactors from Northern & Southern California, as well as the greater western region have enjoyed this event. Some things to look forward to:

~Excellent coastal weather

~Redwood covered hills and mowed pasture battlefield

~Amazing sight lines with surroundings devoid of modern contraptions

~Great camping, easy access to drinking water, plentiful firewood & hay for horses

~Saturday night dance with free shuttle bus transportation to and from


Your attendance helps support a 501(c)(3) providing the only horse drawn artillery in the west!

    For a great event, please familiarize yourself with all rules and regulations. Below you will find basic information regarding the event. If you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator, Ted Miljevich at chaselduce@aol.com.

    The site and format are virtually the same year after year. View the site map. The interconnecting meadows are spacious and provide shade along the perimeters. Both Confederate and Union camp sites also have available wooded "campaign style" camping areas.

    Concession style food and beverages are for sale during public hours in the sutler/civilian area.

    Reenactor passenger car parking is located behind the Confederate camp.  If you require an RV hook-up, you may contact Casini Ranch Family Campground at (707) 865-2255 or e-mail info@casiniranch.com, or any of the other nearby camping resorts on the Russian River.

**Be aware! Poison oak is persistent in all wooded areas, so enter at your own risk!**

    Straw, firewood, water and porta potties are provided at all camp sites. Hay and water troughs for mounted units are available. Trash containers are provided and in ground fire pits are allowed.

    The Saturday night dance is held from 7:00 to 10:00 at the Casini Campground recreation hall, next to the General Store near the campground entrance off Moscow Road. The dance is open to reenactors and the public. Period dress is of course preferred, but not required. There is shuttle service from the event entrance area to the dance location from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. There is parking available at the dance site if you wish to drive or you can walk the mile or so. There is no charge for the dance. Beverages and snacks can be purchased at the General Store adjacent to the dance area.

    Due to battlefield size restrictions, artillery guns per side is limited as set forth by each command staff. CHAS is also limiting artillery powder reimbursements to a total of eight Confederate and six Union guns. All artillery attending MUST contact their respective command staff.

2017 Command Staff:


Col. Doug Erickson



Col. Mark Alan Price




Ted Miljevich



Karen Groom


2017 Tactical Command: ACWA  


    Over time the operating costs have gone way up for Civil War Days, Duncans Mills. To have use of the site we have to pay substantial land use fees to be able to bring you this event. To offset the costs, we charge reenactors a fee to attend the event. This is necessary to keep the event going unless adequate sponsorships are provided.  Read more about land use fees on the reenactor rules page. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a portion of the event please contact the CHAS Fundraising Coordinator at donations@warhorse.org. Please know sponsorships are tax deductible!

    Want to help make this event happen? 2017 work party dates are June 25-26 or July 9-14. For those of you that would like to help with the event, please contact the Event Coordinator, Ted Miljevich at chaselduce@aol.com.

Event Phone: (707) 922-5901

Event Coordinator: Ted Miljevich - chaselduce@aol.com, (650) 969-6569

FEED BACK PLEASE! We are always striving to improve this event. You can use the suggestion box located at the California Historical Artillery Society Booth at the event or contact the Event Coordinator.