July 25-26



   In addition to Civil War Days event specific rules, reenactors must follow the Pacific Area Civil War Reenactor (PACWR) Safety Rules. All visiting reenactors and participants are responsible for knowing the PACWR safety rules, the Safety Rules of their own organizations, as well as rules specific to this event.

REGISTRATION: Begins Friday at 12:00pm. Sutlers may begin arriving Thursday but need to check in with the sutler coordinator for set up locations. Those wishing to help with event site set up may arrive Thursday and be assigned work to do for the event. Contact the event coordinator to arrange.

   All participants are required to register upon arrival and fill out the site waiver. All reenactors will be issued an event ID card upon check in. Retain this card, as command and the California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS) event staff will be checking for them.

   All visiting reenactors must be members of bona fide Civil War reenactment organizations.

   Reenacting can be dangerous for both the individual reenactor as well as those around him/her. Membership in a Civil War reenactment organization presumes a certain amount of prior training and knowledge of reenacting. All reenactors need to contact their respective commands to confirm attendance.

   All reenactors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is also participating in the event, or must have a form transferring legal guardianship through your home club for the duration of the event to an adult who will be participating.

   CHAS reserves the right to turn down guest reenactors, or members of specific organizations, or to direct that visiting reenactors leave the event.

VEHICLES: All vehicles must be out of camps by 9:00 a.m. Saturday. No private vehicles will be allowed back in camps prior to the end of the event. Anyone needing to leave prior to the end of the event will have to pack out. Cars will only be allowed to reenter camp AFTER public hours on Sunday at 3pm.

EVENT SITE MUST CLOSE AT 10:00 a.m. MONDAY MORNING. EVERYONE must be out of the event site by 10:00 a.m. Monday morning. This includes vehicles in parking lots.

LAND USE FEES: Reenactors with a current membership card from a PACWR recognized club will pay a flat fee at registration of $10. Families with current cards for all members registering at once will pay $15. Those without current membership cards at time of registration will pay $20 per individual or $30 for all family members registering at one time.

   Why is there a land use fee? Increasing costs from the county and property owners in addition to lack of sponsors require this event to charge a fee for participants. If adequate sponsorship backs the event, a fee will not be charged for that year. If you or someone you know would like to be a sponsor, please email the CHAS fundraising coordinator at donations@warhorse.org. All clubs will be notified if the fee can be waived due to sponsorship.

SHOW TOLERANCE FOR FELLOW REENACTORS: A variety of impressions, personnel and units will be present at this event. We request that all reenactors be aware of this fact and show tolerance, if not in agreement. Please refrain from making unflattering or negative comments to others.

COMMON COURTESY: No amplified devices/players/radios of any type will be allowed at any time. Trash containers will be available; leave your area clean when you leave.

   After 10 p.m. have fun, but remember the person next to you may be trying to sleep. 12:00 AM Friday and Saturday will be enforced as "all quiet." (Individual commanders may set an earlier time for their camps.) Please respect the sleep of fellow re-enactors. Rowdiness, abusive language or public drunkenness will not be tolerated at any time. Unit commanders are responsible for all unit members - military and civilian.

AUTHENTICITY:  Authenticity rules will be enforced. This will be particularly true in the authentic military and civilian camps and on the battlefield. All uniforms, dresses, and shoes must be of proper period materials and construction. All anachronisms in the authentic camps and demonstration areas (such as coolers, cameras, modern cigarettes, watches, packages or food) must be hidden during public hours.

PUBLIC HOURS: Public hours are 9am-5pm Sat & 9am-3pm Sun.  No consumption of alcohol during public hours. No illegal substances at any time; violations will be referred to the local law enforcement agency.

CAMPFIRES: There are to be no unattended fires at any time. Water buckets or camouflaged fire extinguishers are to be maintained near open fires at all times. Clean trash out of fire pits and replace dirt at the end of the event.

COMMAND & CONTROL: All reenactors are expected to follow the chain of command set in place. Those reenactors not wishing to follow the chain of command and/or causing any disruption will be asked to leave the event. Commanders are responsible for getting information to their troops and are responsible for the conduct of their troops during battle and otherwise.

   Commanders shall establish a "horse watch" between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

BATTLE SAFETY: No hand-to-hand or individual heroics unless part of a planned and command approved scenario. Anyone who engages in hand to hand contact with opposing re-enactors without prior consent of army commanders will be ejected from the field.

   All weapons are to be inspected prior to battle. Safety inspections are mandatory.

   There shall be no flanking maneuvers along the safety line.

   Impressionists (defined as those individuals portraying a particular historical figure of high rank or who are particularly well-known to the public) are permitted on the battlefield by invitation of battlefield command staff.

   Any participant on the field may call a cease-fire if and when a situation is considered unsafe.

FIREARMS: Period weapons only. No live ammunition or fireworks. No projectiles, bullets, musket balls, or loading blocks shall be carried at any time at the scene of an event. Exceptions include only original or reproduction period ordnance maintained in a suitably secure static display for living history purposes. NO firearms are to be discharged in or near the camps or beyond the battlefield under ANY circumstances.
DAMAGES: California Historical Artillery Society is not responsible for any loss of or damages to property or person at events. There is no coverage or reimbursement for injury or damage to property, person, animals or material at events. Participants acknowledge they are participating under the umbrella of PACWR rules.

SAFETY & ENFORCEMENT: All safety infractions or other disputes will be resolved by the enforcement committee in a timely manner, and as close to the time of the infraction or dispute as possible. The enforcement committe will consist of the event coordinator and the presidents of NCWA & ACWA. Disputes between participants, on or off the field, will not be tolerated. In the absence of anything specific not covered in the rules, the Event Coordinator has absolute discretion on any safety issues.
   There is to be no riding or hiking in off-limits areas of this private property.